Why Use Regular Coal or Household Coal?

Regular coal, and even more so with smokeless fuels, offer a number of benefits over other forms solid fuel. Firstly coal has a much longer burn time than wood and other fuel pellets. The right smokeless fuel will give of a large attractive flame and will generate good heat into the room by means of radiation from the burning coals rather than the heat passing away up the chimney in smoke and particles. Many smokeless fuels have much less of an environmental impact than wood or other products.

How & Where Can I Store Coal?

Coals delivered lose (not in pre-packed plastic sacs) is best in a specific coal bunker/ or sheltered store to keep it as dry as possible for easier lighting. Pre-packed coal just needs to be stored in a sheltered area for example a under a canopy or in a shed or garage.

Will smokeless coal be banned?

No. Standard coal is already banned for retail sale and is only available from specialised outlets such as Charles Swann Ltd, but there are currently no plans to ban the use of smokeless fuels.

What are manufactured smokeless fuels made of?

Typically smokeless fuels are from a broken down bituminous coal such as anthracite that is reformed in to briquettes using binders and other ingredients to make them burn more efficiently with minimal emissions.

Why Use Smokeless Fuel?

Smokeless fuels are basically cleaner and less harmful types of combustion fuels for the environment. Smokeless fuels in most cases are man-made and have a reduced sulphur content that reduces the carbon and particle emissions during the burning process. They are designed to be a consistent size to provide longer burning time with higher radiating heat output that regular bituminous coals. In many cases they are also designed to generate less ash waste. Smokeless coals are not only suitable for use in smoke controlled areas, they can be used anywhere and are often an environmentally friendly substitute other forms of fuel such as wood products.

How do I order Coal from Charles Swann?

You can order your fuels form Chas Swann in two ways:

  • Directly online through the website. Choose your desired fuel/s select the quantity and submit your location details and payment for delivery.
  • Call for friendly no obligation guidance and complete your order over the phone.

Can I order more than one type of coal or smokeless fuel?

Yes, you can order any combination of coal, smokeless fuel or wood products that you need.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum quantity order is 150kg.

How long will it take my order to be delivered?

Usually 2-3 working days, however should you order be urgent we will do our best to deliver as soon as possible.

How do I know when my delivery will arrive?

  • Deliveries will be either in a morning slot or and afternoon slot.
  • If you place your order online we will contact you straight away to arrange a suitable deliver time.
  • If you order over the phone we will arrange your deliver at the time.


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