Following recent media coverage of the changes in Government and Environment changes regarding the use of carbon fuels there may be questions you have:

Can I still get fuel for my fire? If so what can I use?

I have a multi burner can I still use wood fuel, if so what types are available to me?

When do any changes take place?

Here are some of the facts that we know of to date:-

Bituminous (non-smokeless) Coal

In a positive attempt to reduce global fuel carbon emissions the current plan regarding bituminous coal (non-smokeless coal) is that the Government is going to ban the RETAIL sale of bituminous coal in plastic sacks on garage forecourts and other outlets as of the 1st May 2021. However this does not mean bituminous fuels are no longer available! They will still be available until May 2023 but they will have to be delivered to you directly from a stockist such as Charles Swann, in either pre-packed sacks or in lose form for storage in a bunker. Although bituminous coals are to be phased out smokeless coals can still be used for the foreseeable future and are very much less harmful to the environment. In almost all applications there are smokeless coals available to replace any bituminous variant that you may use. Some of the date suggested for these changes are still subject to confirmation from the government and could be extended.


Wood fuels are one of the most harmful to our environment, in particular natural hardwood and softwood logs, as they have the highest carbon emissions when burned. Legislation is changing so that only dried variants of wood such as kindling and kiln dried wood will be acceptable for use. These fuels will be readily available but it does present problems of maintaining the “dried” state during transport and storage. In many cases there are suitable smokeless coal replacements available that can be used in place of wood products. Again dates and deadlines are subject to change be please feel free to contact Chas Swann if you have questions and we will do our best to help


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