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At Charles Swann, we have a ready supply of high-quality lumpwood charcoal, delivered in bulk to retailers and restaurants alike, perfect for firing up the barbeque, charcoal grill or outdoor oven.

Summer BBQ suppliers UK

With a great smoky flavour, meat and vegetables alike can taste fantastic with our BBQ charcoal. Give summer parties the delicious food they deserve. This charcoal can be used to smoke meats for hours until it’s falling away under your fork, or burn hot and fast to chargrill fish, vegetable skewers, or anything else you’re craving. With some ice-cold drinks and a jug of unbranded summer punch, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of summer.

BBQ charcoal for UK retailers

We sell wholesale BBQ charcoal in prepacked sacks and open containers. Perfect for stocking in garden centres, BBQ supply shops and convenience forecourts. Your customers will benefit from the best quality barbecue charcoal available today. The recognisable blue bag charcoal is a restaurant industry staple, now available to the general public through retailers like you.

How charcoal is different to other coal types

Charcoal is made by heating wood in a low-oxygen environment, burning off volatile compounds to leave only the energy-rich carbon behind. This method makes charcoal more efficient and less polluting than burning wood, with a high, sustainable heat that lasts as long as you need to cook delicious food.

Different types of BBQ charcoal we stock: At present, we only stock one kind of barbecue charcoal: the one in the blue bag. Watch this space for an increased range.

Bulk BBQ Charcoal, available at Swann Coal supplies

At Swann Coal Supplies, we keep a high stock of restaurant-grade charcoal, ready to deliver wholesale throughout the UK. We offer prepacked, open sack and kerbside palletised delivery, so you can be confident you’ll never run out.

Summer BBQ Charcoal FAQs

Charcoal barbecues can be tricky to get your head around, so we’re happy to supply answers to the most common questions about this popular cooking method.

Store charcoal in a dry, lidded container such as a bin or coal shed, out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. Keep charcoal well away from heat sources that could cause the charcoal to ignite, and from flammable objects such as rubbish or recycling which could cause a larger fire.

Charcoal can be tricky to light, but there are a few different methods that work well.

Oiled paper: rub two sheets of newspaper with a small amount of cooking oil. Scrunch these up and place them in amongst the charcoal before lighting the paper on each side. The oil helps the paper burn hotter for longer so that the charcoal can ignite.

Firestarters: Stack charcoal around one or two firestarters in the grill. You can add some paper as well to help light them. Firestarters will burn long enough and hot enough to ignite the charcoal

Paper and Chimney Starter: a chimney starter is a useful tool for lighting charcoal as it creates high airflow and helps get the coals up to temperature quickly. Fill the lower half of the chimney starter with newspaper or paper towels and the top section with charcoal. Place the chimney on top of the grill and light the paper. Once the charcoal is fully lit, empty the chimney into the grill and arrange the charcoal to keep the heat going.

For more tips, read our charcoal cooking blog.

  1. Less is more. Light a small amount of charcoal and add more later. Consider how much heat you need for the kind of food you are cooking.
  2. Heat Charcoal Fully Before Cooking: wait until the coals are white with heat before you add any food to the grill, so you have a good even heat.
  3. Create Two Heat Zones by piling more coals on one side than another. This way you can cook fast on one side and slow on the other.

As Coal merchants and bulk charcoal suppliers, our minimum order quantity is 150kg. This can include charcoal and other fuel products, or 150kg of charcoal.

For local deliveries, within a 30-mile radius of Wolverhampton, we provide pre-pack and open-sack delivery. Orders can be a mixture of pre-pack and open sack if required.

Pre-packaged charcoal can also be collected from our site. For further information, visit the Charles Swann delivery page.


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