Household Coal for Scotland & Wales

On 1st May 2023, the ban on the sale of Traditional Household coal in England came into force, as part of the government’s Clean Air Strategy. However, Wales and Scotland have devolved powers on environmental matters, and as yet there is no ban on household coal in these nations.

If you live in England, you are no longer able to purchase Bituminous House Coal from our website. For alternatives, please see our range of Smokeless Coal.

If you live in Scotland or Wales, you are not affected by this ban; residents in Scotland and Wales can still purchase Household Coal for domestic use.

The Current Law On Household Coal In The UK

While England is currently the only UK nation with a ban on the sale of bituminous coal (June 2023), Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are not affected by this ban. The devolved nations are all developing similar policies as part of their legislation to combat air pollution. Details of developments may be found in documents published as part of the UK National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP).

Types Of Household Coal We Supply

While we no longer stock house coal for deliveries in England, we can supply traditional household coal in Wales and Scotland for palletised kerbside delivery. Our range includes:

Coal Doubles: Premium domestic small coal for open fires
Coal Trebles: Premium domestic coal that will produce high heat levels and long flames
Large Cobbles: Large briquette domestic coal that will produce high heat levels and long flames.

View all household coal available for Scotland and Wales here.

Household Coal Supplies For Scotland

Household Coal is still legal to purchase in Scotland. In the Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 (CAFS2) strategy, the Scottish government sets out a long-term intention to place “a ban on house coal, restricting the sulphur content of smokeless fuels to 2%, prohibiting the sale of certain types of wet wood and an introduction of a minimum renewables content for manufactured smokeless fuels”.1 This long-term action is, as of 2022, subject to a Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment and may not be announced before 2026

Household Coal Supplies For Wales

Plans to ban household coal and restrictions on wet wood in Wales were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a 2021 consultation,3 the Senedd is considering introducing clean air legislation in 2023, with a ban on bituminous coal to begin in either 2024 or 2025.4

At present, bituminous household coal is still available to buy if you live in Wales.

What about Northern Ireland?

Bituminous/Traditional/Household coal is legal for sale in Northern Ireland, although unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to NI. The Northern Ireland Government has outlined considerations for restricting some solid fuels in favour of low carbon heat, with a focus on reducing risks of fuel poverty, but there is no indication of whether or when a restriction will be in place.4

Buying Coal in England

Sales of Traditional/Bituminous Household Coal and Wet Wood are banned as of May 1st 2023. Sales of unauthorised coal to domestic consumers in England are punishable by fines of at least £300.5

However, there are plenty of authorised coal types that are still available for purchase, including anthracite and smokeless briquettes. These smokeless coals can be burned for domestic heating purposes without significantly damaging England’s air quality.

Charles Swann Coal Merchants

Swann’s Coals has existed as a coal merchant in the West Midlands for over 100 years. In light of recent and developing air quality legislation, we aim to provide high-quality, affordable coal that meets the needs of ordinary people. As approved coal merchants, you can be certain that our supplies are within environmental regulations and legal limits.

We deliver bulk orders of coal for heating, blacksmithing and outdoor cooking, helping keep you in stock, no matter what. We have a coal type suited for every application, as well as charcoals and kiln-dried wood, so browse our website for something that suits your needs.

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