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How to light a coal forge

Lighting a forge is the first step to blacksmithing. Before you pick up an iron or a hammer, you need a heat source that will get your metal to the right temperature. A coal forge should burn at approximately 1650-2204oC (3000-4000oF) when lit, so you need to light it well to heat the metal enough. […]

How Much Coal Do I Need for the Winter?

Leaves are beginning to change colour, the nights are drawing in; it’s Autumn. It’s time to restock the coal shed, build up the wood store, and order enough fuel to get you through the cold part of the year. You can still buy smokeless coal for heating online, and collect or receive delivery in Wolverhampton, […]

The Best Charcoal for Your Summer BBQs

Sweep the patio, dust off the garden chairs and put up the gazebo (just in case): it’s barbecue season. As always at this time of year, we’re seeing a surge in orders for BBQ charcoal as the UK prepares for summer. Everyone loves a barbecue, a chance to get friends and family together, share great […]

Summer Grilling Tips from Charcoal Experts

Summer BBQ Tips: How to Use a Charcoal BBQ Like a Chef. The weather’s warming up and the skies are free of clouds. It’s barbecue season. In the UK we take any excuse for a chargrilled burger in the back garden, with friends and family coming together to make the most of summer. Get the […]

From Forest to BBQ: The Journey of Sustainable Charcoal

How is charcoal made? We’re used to these questions as coal merchants, but charcoal has been a valuable commodity for thousands of years and continues to grow in popularity, for cooking in particular. The rich smoky flavour it lends to meats and veggies cooked over its flames is a mouthwatering delight for many, so it’s […]

How is Coal Formed?

Coal is a sedimentary rock, made up mostly of carbon and hydrocarbon molecules. It is these hydrocarbons that burn, reacting with oxygen to generate heat, light and carbon dioxide. Like all sedimentary rocks, coal formed over hundreds of millions of years from layers of materials and intense pressure. It is for this reason that we […]

What are the four different types of coal?

We all know of coal – a solid fuel mined around the world and used as a heat source, for power generation and as coke to manufacture cast iron, steel and other metal products. Coal is the material that fueled the industrial revolution, but did you know there are four different types of coal? What […]

What is Coal Used For?

Coal is a sedimentary rock that has many uses, as it contains high levels of energy that is released through coal burning. Energy from coal is used worldwide for many uses, including heating homes, metalworking and energy production. In this article, we will discuss the different ways coal is used and how this works. What […]


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